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Top 5 Benefits of Living in Arcadia

Living in Phoenix awards an unparalleled lifestyle fit with year-round beautiful weather and so much opportunity located smack-dab in the middle of a picturesque setting. Did you know one area of Phoenix helps you experience the best the city has to offer more than anywhere else? Whether you’re looking for a Phoenix real estate investment or a forever home, Arcadia is the perfect place for you!  Here are the top 5 benefits of living in the Arcadia neighborhood.

Activities and Attractions in Arcadia

Arcadia makes sure you are never bored, no matter what your interests are.

Eat: Chelsea’s Kitchen, the Henry, and CRUjiente Tacos are among the many great restaurants right in Arcadia. There are even places where you can learn to cook – or up the cooking game you already have – nearby.

Shop: Biltmore Fashion Park is right on the edge of Arcadia with stores that will fit your every need, while the Arcadia Town Centre will help you knock out your errands with no trouble at all.

Play: the Shemer Art Center provides everything from exhibits to lectures to classes. The Desert Botanical Garden is there for when you need your moment of peace and beauty, while the David and Gladys Wright House is a dream for architecture lovers.

Location, Location, Location

The old real estate saying holds true in this neighborhood. Your home’s location determines so much of your value in real estate, and the location in Phoenix doesn’t get better than Arcadia. Sitting on the land that was once historic citrus and date orchards, Arcadia is well-irrigated and one of Phoenix’s prettiest areas.

The area is full of historic homes. Not only is Arcadia great on its own, but it’s also close to such popular places as Old Town Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and the Biltmore Area. An added bonus to the location is that many of those orange and lemon trees are still standing in Arcadia.

Live Actively in Arcadia

Whether you are already active or you want to find more time for recreation in your daily life, Arcadia will help you. In Arcadia, you have not just a great view of Camelback Mountain, but incredible hiking access. The Camelback Mountain, Echo Canyon Recreation Area, and Piestewa Peak offer hikes that vary from easy to challenging, and every sight you will see is uniquely Phoenix.

Arcadia also is the perfect place to take up cycling with bike paths circling the neighborhood and several outstanding bike shops. Plus, Phoenix is one of the top golfing destinations in the country, so the golfing nearby is top-notch. Take your golf clubs to Papago, the Phoenician or the Arizona Biltmore Golf Club.

A Family’s Paradise

Arcadia is also a great place for families to settle. The area has highly ranked schools and all kinds of sports and activities for your children. You can also visit places like the Stomping Ground and the Phoenix Zoo easily from Arcadia. Each year, the Arcadia neighborhood association fills their calendar with events like a neighborhood barbeque, car show, and litter clean-ups so neighbors can get to know each other. With quiet, walkable neighborhoods, Arcadia will feel safe and sound for your family.

A Real Estate Investment You Can Count On

Arcadia is one of Phoenix’s most desirable neighborhoods, and there’s no sign this will change anytime soon. With so many desirable aspects already mentioned, you can trust the area will hold value. The Camelback Mountain Neighborhood Association works hard to ensure the neighborhood stays attractive. Buying a home in Arcadia will give you the life you work hard for, but beyond that, it will keep ensuring the investment you put in your home is safe. Homes in Arcadia are often filled with charm and history. While it’s possible to find many communities with an HOA fee, residents ensure to keep these homes clear of clutter and looking fresh.

Arcadia is a Phoenix resident’s dream neighborhood. It will give you, and your family, the lifestyle you have always wanted — and worked hard to achieve. When you move to Arcadia, you will find you are treating yourself to the life you have always deserved.