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So, you’ve now come to the decision that it’s time to sell your property. However, before you proceed any further, you may want to review your motivation and set down a preliminary timeline for the progression of your sale.

Why are you selling?

Consider your reasons for selling your property. Is it your aim to find a more spacious property, or is it your goal to move to a different neighborhood, state, city or education district? Your motivations may, at this time, appear clear to you, but you’ll want to review the impact that each of these changes will have on your; finances, opportunities and your overall lifestyle. When you’re absolutely clear regarding your reasons for selling, it makes it simpler for us to decide the best option, when it comes to your specific property goals regarding both financial and lifestyle preferences.

Is this the time to sell?

One of the first things that you should do is to establish your selling timeline. If it’s important to proceed immediately, we can accelerate the process. We do this by providing you with an action plan, along with a complete analysis of the current market that is designed to attain your specified goals. If the sale doesn’t need to be immediate, you can confer with one of our professional real estate agents and they will carefully go over the existing market situation, in order to determine the best time to initiate a sale.

How do I keep track of the market?

By working with us, you’re ensured that you’ll have the benefits of our expertise, knowledge base and negotiation experience. These will serve to provide you with the best terms and prices that the market is currently offering. We’ll make sure that you are kept up with the current market and competing properties insofar as; terms/conditions, financing and price. We’ll ensure that you’ll know when to sell and what your property’s price should be.

How do I make the most of my finances?

In any event, the decision to put your property up for sale warrants a serious review of your current finances and potential future situation. With the assistance of our experienced professional agents, you’ll be capable of determining the total ramifications of your new situation, provide a potential dollar amount for your property sale and provide viable estate planning and tax strategies. Our job is to place financial control in your hands and to use your resources to your maximum advantage.