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Relocation | Moving to Arcadia

Customized Corporate Relocation from Start to Finish

With regards to an introduction, allow us to say that, when it comes to an understanding of the professional community (lawyers, senators, doctors, athletes, etc.), Mackey has over 20 years of experience which allows us to fully understand the nuances and challenges of various professional venues, in terms of an impending relocation. As such, we have constructed a successful real estate practice that services those needs.

Our focus, as relocation specialists, is on your complete satisfaction while making sure that you are prepared for the nuances of your new city. It doesn’t matter if you are planning relocation to the Phoenix area or whether you require assistance to relocate to another region in the United States. Our dedication pertains to meeting the relocation requirements of our clients, in every regard. We invite you to ask our clients, so that you’ll have a better understanding of our hands-on approach, which includes a package of services that has been customized exclusively for you, as our client.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me mackeymartin@discoverscottsdale.com, 602-930-6661.

Moving to Arizona

Per our hands-on approach philosophy, I will be directly involved in your relocation. Additionally, you will be assigned to and coordinated with a specifically designated member of our team. We do this to ensure your satisfaction when designing a plan that has been specifically tailored to you and your requirements.