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Fall Home Maintenance After the Summer Heat

The temperatures in Phoenix are finally beginning to cool. While the arrival of fall is a welcome sight for most, it is important to get ahead on fall home maintenance before small blemishes turn into expensive issues.

Why not stay ahead of the curve on your seasonal chores so you can take full advantage of the beautiful weather in October and November? Check out our guide to fall home maintenance so you can spend the next few months appreciating your beautiful home and the weather across Arizona.

Clean Gutters and Inspect Your Roof

Get ahead of any future issues by inspecting your roof for loose shingles and leaks, and while you are up there clean out your gutters. You will probably have to clean the gutters again before winter, but making sure they are clear early in the season can prevent more serious issues in later weeks.

Check Smoke Detectors and Fire Extinguishers

Before you turn on your heat, be sure to put fresh batteries in your smoke detectors and check that they are functioning properly. Also be sure to check your fire extinguishers to be sure they have not expired.

Service Your Furnace

Once again before you turn on your heat it is a great idea to schedule a HVAC checkup. Do not wait until the busier winter months when it could take a few days to get a specialist out to your home to fix your heating: you can avoid many large and expensive problems through being proactive in August and September.

Invest In Insulation

While we are talking about saving money on heating, consider installing new insulation in your attic and walls. Why spend a bunch of money on heating bills when half of that energy is leaking out of your home? Get ahead of rising costs and invest in long-term savings.

Clean Your Chimney

Before you can cozy up next to the fireplace, it is important to check that your chimney is clear and make sure your damper opens and closes properly. Open the damper and you should be able to see daylight through the top of your chimney. If not, hire a chimney sweep for an inspection.

Clean Your Water Heater

Sediment can build up in the base of your water heater and cause the lower heating element to stop working. You can choose to either flush the sediment yourself or hire a professional to come and do it for you along with a full check of the water heating system.

Lawn Maintenance

Before the end of fall be sure to clean and store your lawnmower. Add a fuel stabilizer if it will be out of use for a few months so the gasoline won’t degrade. Turn off your lawn sprinkler system and put away all of your outdoor hoses.

Seal Gaps in Your Driveway and Around the Home

While even the coldest months in Arizona rarely dip below freezing, don’t wait to see what might happen this winter. Seal any gaps in your driveway before ice can worsen them, and do the same for caulking windows and other cracks around your home.

Reverse and Clean Ceiling Fans

Flip the switch on your fans to keep air flowing through the colder months and be sure to give them a nice wipe down to remove all dirt and dust.

Flip or Rotate Your Mattress

Did you know that you should flip and rotate your mattress to even our wear just like the tires on your car? Conventional wisdom says that each April you should rotate your mattress and each October you should flip it. So jump into fall and flip that mattress!

Whether you’re looking to save money or energy, most of these fall home maintenance tips will be able to do both! Looking for a new home to maintain? Contact us today for all of your Arcadia real estate needs.