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Commuting Guide for Arcadia Residents

With year-round sun and warm temperatures, it’s no surprise that central Arizona is a widely popular place to settle down. Despite having Phoenix and Scottsdale just a short drive away, Arizona also has plenty of great neighborhoods to offer. One of these neighborhoods is Arcadia. Gorgeous homes with big plots of land decorate this town and make it a great place to call it a home for life. However, many who live there have a daily commute to the nearby areas, so we are here to help steer you in the right direction. Here is a commuting guide for Arcadia residents.

Rush Hour

The primary mode of transportation for commuting Arcadians is a fuel-efficient car, so you need to know the ins and outs of the traffic patterns in order to always be on time. On a day with very light traffic, the typical drive from Arcadia to Phoenix is typically around 17 minutes (traveling around 10.2 miles). However, getting to work in 17 minutes in the morning would be nothing short of a miracle.

While rush hour in many large cities is a never-ending occurrence, Phoenicians are lucky. Here is a more specific breakdown: the morning rush starts at about 6:30am and clears up a good deal by 9 a.m., the “lunch break” rush hour is typically from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., and evening traffic spreads out from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. If you plan accordingly, and always leave more than enough extra time for yourself, you should get to work on time with no issues.

Public Transportation

We understand that not everyone owns a car. But if that is the case, you will need another mode of transportation to get to work every day. Popular public transport in Phoenix include Local, Express, and RAPID commuter bus services, vanpool service, Valley Metro Rail, neighborhood circulators, and handy ride apps like Uber and Lyft.

If you take the bus or train, just make sure you look at which stops are closest to your home. This is an excellent way to travel since you don’t have to focus on driving and have the opportunity to get some work done. The public transportation system in Phoenix is average, but there are new improvements in the works every year.


While the bus and train routes are always the same and preplanned, taking your car always gives you more leeway to drive different routes. A good route to get to Downtown Phoenix is driving South on N. 56th Street and N. 52nd Street, then going West on E. Van Buren straight towards Phoenix.

If you want to get to Scottsdale, however, it is much simpler. With Arcadia practically bordering Scottsdale, it should be a faster trip. It is only about a 2.5-mile drive, and you can get there by simply taking E. Indian School Road. Getting across Scottsdale is simple when driving on Miller Road. With few stop lights, this two lane road is a local secret.

Utilizing Time

As mentioned with taking public transportation, chances are, you will have a good amount of down time no matter how you travel. So instead of stressing about the traffic, utilize your time by reading your favorite book, taking a power nap, or getting some paperwork done – with public transport, of course.

If you’re commuting with your vehicle, you can use that time to listen to soothing music, an audio book, or an educational podcast. There is not enough time in a day so make those traffic delays count!

A great thing about Arizona and its central cities is that it doesn’t compare to the nightmare rush hour and traffic that cities like New York and Los Angeles experience. So, when you’re commuting from Arcadia to downtown Phoenix or Scottsdale, just remember that other people have it way worse – and you’ll instantly feel better. Make sure you take advantage of all the resources that are available. There are other guides out there if you’re commuting from other cities as well!