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Must-see Northern Arizona Cities if you Live in Phoenix

The Wave in Northern Arizona

While the desert is most-often thought of as a dry, rocky place, Arizona proves that jewels are strewn about the arid landscape for everyone to enjoy. Phoenix itself is a vibrant city that continuously attracts future residents and tourists. One would be foolish not to visit and enjoy the many attractions it has to offer. For those that already live here, it would be equally as foolish not to journey outside the city’s limits and explore the must-see northern Arizona cities.

As fall changes to winter, the time for enjoying the outdoors in Phoenix is approaching. That said, a winter in Phoenix is not like winter in many other states – or even northern Arizona cities. Arizona’s vast landscape offers an opportunity for skiing, biking, hiking, snowshoeing, and holiday activities. To help with your choice of travel plans, here is a detailed list of must-see northern Arizona cities to visit if you live in Phoenix.

Explore in Flagstaff

Surrounded by lush forests, dry desert, and towering mountains, this city has something for everyone. To kick things off, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can summit Arizona’s highest peak, Humphrey’s Peak. Not only will enjoy glorious and beautiful views when you reach the summit, but you will also feel a rush of pride and satisfaction in completing the feat.

When you’ve finished with your day-time excursion, hit the town for some much-need fun. The largest of the three cities on this list, Flagstaff will provide the most options for nightlife enjoyment. The Alpine Pedaler is the best way to pub crawler in the city, and you will certainly not be disappointed.

Though the attractions are enough to motivate a weekend of travel, traffic can be a challenge headed north on Interstate 17. You can fly or take a train, but even amongst weekend drivers, it’s fastest to load up the car.  This way, you will be able to thoroughly take in the gorgeous landscape of the state.

Hike in Sedona

The arts community in the lovely city of Sedona is alive and well, but you will get a breath of life breathed into you as well from the simply stunning natural setting it is situated in. Surrounded by steep canyons and red rocks, there isn’t a more relaxing place to settle for the weekend.

You will have numerous choices if you feel the need to get outdoors and hike, but the most rewarding is the Hopi Indian Reservation tour. The city is also known for its excellent spas and resorts, which will be perfect to massage sore muscles after hiking in the canyons all day.

When you feel sufficiently rejuvenated, head downtown for some fantastic wine selections. Take a tour of the many wineries in the area or stop into The Art of Wine to make a quick trip of it. If you’re looking to return to Phoenix with some food of your own, hit the Farmer’s Market to support local business. Again, though you can easily reach the town by way of bus or train, a trip by car is both the cheapest and most rewarding. In fact, if an SUV is an option, there are many roads where a four-wheel drive car might be helpful in this area.

Wine and Dine in Cottonwood

For the avid wine consumers out there, Cottonwood is a dream city. The city is alight with numerous renowned wineries, and you can easily visit many of them with a tour, or stop into individual establishments like Fire Mountain, or Winery 101 for a more personal experience.

As for outdoor activities, you really cannot go wrong here. Enjoy horseback riding, take a kayak trip down a river, and even skydive for the first time over the beautiful Arizona landscape. If you wish to enjoy the sights in a more relaxing way, however, hit the rails with Verde Canyon Railroad, and take a train ride across the canyons. When you go out for the night, you will be splendidly delighted with the historic downtown of the city. Cottonwood has many popular breweries and restaurants for you to enjoy. Though the fastest way to travel to Cottonwood would be by car, a ride on the train might serve you best in this case. It will surely give you an authentic feel when the train rolls in, and you see the historic, western-style downtown area awaiting you.

Whichever city you choose to visit, you will be delighted and fulfilled in your desire to get away for a while. If you have the time and are already planning on traveling, why not plan a road trip to visit all three? Enjoy the adventurous outdoors or settle into a nice relaxing stay with wine. Get out and enjoy Northern Arizona as soon as possible!

Are you thinking about moving to Arizona? If you’re unsure which city is best for you, contact our Phoenix real estate experts. Our knowledge of the Valley and state can help find your perfect home.


Fall Home Maintenance After the Summer Heat

The temperatures in Phoenix are finally beginning to cool. While the arrival of fall is a welcome sight for most, it is important to get ahead on fall home maintenance before small blemishes turn into expensive issues.

Why not stay ahead of the curve on your seasonal chores so you can take full advantage of the beautiful weather in October and November? Check out our guide to fall home maintenance so you can spend the next few months appreciating your beautiful home and the weather across Arizona.

Clean Gutters and Inspect Your Roof

Get ahead of any future issues by inspecting your roof for loose shingles and leaks, and while you are up there clean out your gutters. You will probably have to clean the gutters again before winter, but making sure they are clear early in the season can prevent more serious issues in later weeks.

Check Smoke Detectors and Fire Extinguishers

Before you turn on your heat, be sure to put fresh batteries in your smoke detectors and check that they are functioning properly. Also be sure to check your fire extinguishers to be sure they have not expired.

Service Your Furnace

Once again before you turn on your heat it is a great idea to schedule a HVAC checkup. Do not wait until the busier winter months when it could take a few days to get a specialist out to your home to fix your heating: you can avoid many large and expensive problems through being proactive in August and September.

Invest In Insulation

While we are talking about saving money on heating, consider installing new insulation in your attic and walls. Why spend a bunch of money on heating bills when half of that energy is leaking out of your home? Get ahead of rising costs and invest in long-term savings.

Clean Your Chimney

Before you can cozy up next to the fireplace, it is important to check that your chimney is clear and make sure your damper opens and closes properly. Open the damper and you should be able to see daylight through the top of your chimney. If not, hire a chimney sweep for an inspection.

Clean Your Water Heater

Sediment can build up in the base of your water heater and cause the lower heating element to stop working. You can choose to either flush the sediment yourself or hire a professional to come and do it for you along with a full check of the water heating system.

Lawn Maintenance

Before the end of fall be sure to clean and store your lawnmower. Add a fuel stabilizer if it will be out of use for a few months so the gasoline won’t degrade. Turn off your lawn sprinkler system and put away all of your outdoor hoses.

Seal Gaps in Your Driveway and Around the Home

While even the coldest months in Arizona rarely dip below freezing, don’t wait to see what might happen this winter. Seal any gaps in your driveway before ice can worsen them, and do the same for caulking windows and other cracks around your home.

Reverse and Clean Ceiling Fans

Flip the switch on your fans to keep air flowing through the colder months and be sure to give them a nice wipe down to remove all dirt and dust.

Flip or Rotate Your Mattress

Did you know that you should flip and rotate your mattress to even our wear just like the tires on your car? Conventional wisdom says that each April you should rotate your mattress and each October you should flip it. So jump into fall and flip that mattress!

Whether you’re looking to save money or energy, most of these fall home maintenance tips will be able to do both! Looking for a new home to maintain? Contact us today for all of your Arcadia real estate needs.

Commuting Guide for Arcadia Residents

traffic commuting guide

With year-round sun and warm temperatures, it’s no surprise that central Arizona is a widely popular place to settle down. Despite having Phoenix and Scottsdale just a short drive away, Arizona also has plenty of great neighborhoods to offer. One of these neighborhoods is Arcadia. Gorgeous homes with big plots of land decorate this town and make it a great place to call it a home for life. However, many who live there have a daily commute to the nearby areas, so we are here to help steer you in the right direction. Here is a commuting guide for Arcadia residents.

Rush Hour

The primary mode of transportation for commuting Arcadians is a fuel-efficient car, so you need to know the ins and outs of the traffic patterns in order to always be on time. On a day with very light traffic, the typical drive from Arcadia to Phoenix is typically around 17 minutes (traveling around 10.2 miles). However, getting to work in 17 minutes in the morning would be nothing short of a miracle.

While rush hour in many large cities is a never-ending occurrence, Phoenicians are lucky. Here is a more specific breakdown: the morning rush starts at about 6:30am and clears up a good deal by 9 a.m., the “lunch break” rush hour is typically from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., and evening traffic spreads out from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. If you plan accordingly, and always leave more than enough extra time for yourself, you should get to work on time with no issues.

Public Transportation

We understand that not everyone owns a car. But if that is the case, you will need another mode of transportation to get to work every day. Popular public transport in Phoenix include Local, Express, and RAPID commuter bus services, vanpool service, Valley Metro Rail, neighborhood circulators, and handy ride apps like Uber and Lyft.

If you take the bus or train, just make sure you look at which stops are closest to your home. This is an excellent way to travel since you don’t have to focus on driving and have the opportunity to get some work done. The public transportation system in Phoenix is average, but there are new improvements in the works every year.


While the bus and train routes are always the same and preplanned, taking your car always gives you more leeway to drive different routes. A good route to get to Downtown Phoenix is driving South on N. 56th Street and N. 52nd Street, then going West on E. Van Buren straight towards Phoenix.

If you want to get to Scottsdale, however, it is much simpler. With Arcadia practically bordering Scottsdale, it should be a faster trip. It is only about a 2.5-mile drive, and you can get there by simply taking E. Indian School Road. Getting across Scottsdale is simple when driving on Miller Road. With few stop lights, this two lane road is a local secret.

Utilizing Time

As mentioned with taking public transportation, chances are, you will have a good amount of down time no matter how you travel. So instead of stressing about the traffic, utilize your time by reading your favorite book, taking a power nap, or getting some paperwork done – with public transport, of course.

If you’re commuting with your vehicle, you can use that time to listen to soothing music, an audio book, or an educational podcast. There is not enough time in a day so make those traffic delays count!

A great thing about Arizona and its central cities is that it doesn’t compare to the nightmare rush hour and traffic that cities like New York and Los Angeles experience. So, when you’re commuting from Arcadia to downtown Phoenix or Scottsdale, just remember that other people have it way worse – and you’ll instantly feel better. Make sure you take advantage of all the resources that are available. There are other guides out there if you’re commuting from other cities as well!

10 Ways To Cool Off This Summer In Phoenix

Tubing the Salt River

10 Ways To Cool Off This Summer In Phoenix

Summer is fast approaching, and for Phoenix, that means blistering heat where temperatures can (and will) climb to over 100 degrees. In these circumstances, what are your plans to keep cool? After all, you can’t spend all summer baking trays of cookies and frying eggs on the cement.

You could make a trip to the local pool or if you’re feeling adventurous, take a day or two out of your schedule to venture to the beach, but let’s be honest, that’s where everybody’s going to be. There are also some days when it’s simply too hot for outdoor activities like barbecues and trips to the park. This is for those days. Here are 10 ways to cool off this summer in Phoenix.

Grab some ice cream

This is probably one of the first things you’d think of on a hot day; however, you don’t just grab a cone from any convenience store. Udder Delights is an ice cream shop that dishes out the freshest and possibly the funkiest soft serve you will ever encounter. This establishment has gained recognition for its simply delicious and unique flavors. Not interested in a chocolate cone? How about avocado or flan-flavored ice cream? Udder Delights also offers their own cheese and hand churned butter across an impressive array of flavors.

Another ice cream shop worth checking out is Churn, which serves up stellar frozen treats for all to enjoy. Whether you’re craving a cone, ice cream sandwich or sundae, you’ll leave Churn with a thoroughly satisfied sweet tooth and ready to take on the summer heat.

Rock Climbing Gyms

Because it’ll be too hot to actually go climbing outside, seek refuge indoors at one of Phoenix’s many rock climbing gyms. These facilities will give you the adrenaline-pumping thrill of climbing to great heights while within the comforts of an air-conditioned environment.

Live Music

Music is always a great solution to almost any problem, and the summer heat is no exception. Phoenix is home to plenty of great live music venues for you to visit and enjoy. You can find a plethora of genres, so there’ll definitely be one that will suit your tastes. Some examples include:

The Nash: Phoenix’s downtown sanctuary for jazz music. The venue is named for famous drummer, Lewis Nash, and offers a wide range of jazz. Whether you’re interested in the classics, swing, or even newer jazz, you’ll definitely leave the venue with a newfound appreciation for the genre.

Crescent Ballroom and Valley Bar: Open every day with free live music, Crescent Ballroom has gained popularity among the music-loving night-dwellers. Here, you can listen to music from up-and-coming artists while enjoying their gourmet food. In the building’s basement, you can gain access to the Valley Bar, where you can enjoy the sounds of Latin, Blues, Indie rock, and pop.


You already knew that a water park was going to be a number on this list. It’s summer, and you can’t have a proper summer without gearing up in your cute swimsuit and taking a family trip to a waterpark.

On days when the sun is beating down on you, there’s nothing more refreshing than a dip in the water…followed by a swift trip down one of the many waterslides in the park. A visit to Wet’n’Wild is the perfect remedy to the summer heat and cabin fever. Make sure you slather on plenty of sunscreen while you’re in the water.

Coffee houses

If an air-conditioned cafe isn’t enough to lure you in, then the scent of freshly brewed coffee certainly will. Coffee houses are an excellent way to avoid the heat, and in Phoenix, you’ll have quite a few to pick from as the city has witnessed a surge of coffee houses and specialty drink shops popping up. Cartel Coffee Lab is one particular place you’ll want to visit, as they have the best espresso in the city.

Salt River

If the pool isn’t quite your scene, try venturing down to the Salt River. Plenty of residents and visitors alike spend time at the river cracking open a cold one while tubing in the water. It’s a fantastic alternative to the beach.

Just be sure to check the weather ahead of time. Even though you’re floating down a river, it can still be too hot at certain times of the day and year. Always remember to bring TONS of water and sunscreen and keep our rivers clean!

Butterfly Wonderland

In nearby Scottsdale, you can make a trip to the largest butterfly conservatory in the United States. Take a stroll among the 3,000 species of butterflies, or check out any one of the other amazing exhibits that this wonderland houses. Familiarize yourself with the reptiles that live with the butterflies in the rainforest at the Rainforest Reptile Exhibit, or check out the massive freshwater aquarium, where schools of exotic fish live. The options are endless at Butterfly Wonderland, and it’s a perfect place for the family.

Cruise On Saguaro Lake

Take the Desert Belle cruise line for a trip around the Saguaro Lake. In the comforts of an air conditioned cabin, you’ll get to take in the breathtaking beauty of Phoenix’s natural backdrop.


Phoenix hosts an impressive array of museums, which serves as an invaluable source of culture and education for the city.

The Phoenix Art Museum hosts both classic and contemporary pieces from all over the world to admire. At the Arizona Science Museum, visitors can interact with any of the more than 300 hands-on exhibits, live demonstrations or the state-of-the-art planetarium. Music-enthusiasts can explore the sounds of different instruments from all over the world and take a peek at special memorabilia collected from musicians at the Musical Instrument Museum. And these are just three of the many options that you have in downtown Phoenix.

Take a day trip to Flagstaff

Two hours away from Phoenix’s heat is Flagstaff, one of the best places to escape the summer for a bit. There, the temperature normally stays at mid-upper 70’s ad hardly ever surpass mid 80’s. Hiking aficionados frequent Flagstaff, as the variety of high-altitude trails provide picturesque backdrops that greatly differ from Arizona. The Aspen Nature Loop, Kachina Trail, and Inner Basin are the most scenic routes to take in Flagstaff.


No matter

Everything You Should Know About Phoenix VRBO Homes

Phoenix VRBO homes allow visitors to enjoy all the amenities of your very own home-away-from-home.

Vacation rental by owner homes, or VRBO homes are sort of like a hotel room in someone else’s house. Phoenix VRBO homes are houses, condos or apartments that are rented at a time when the owners are away. People may rent their homes due to work obligations or perhaps they have made real estate investments in the city for specifically this purpose. They often put their space up for rent to prospective vacationers in the area. After all, why would you spend a week in a hotel when you can have the comfort of home?

There are a few companies to choose from, but the three most popular are HomeAway, Airbnb, and VRBO. They all have benefits and drawbacks. So when looking to stay in a house for your vacation, be sure to check out all three to compare the different options.

The main aspect to keep in mind with VRBO homes is the advance booking. These short-term rentals are very highly sought after. Phoenix’s beautiful climate during the winter and spring seasons make it an ideal vacation spot. Because of this, you might have some competition for your perfect place to stay.

Hera are six tips for renting vacation homes smartly, and what to look out for in Phoenix during your stay in one of the (culturally) hottest cities in the nation.

Why Phoenix?

Phoenix is a great place to go during times of the year when the weather can get a bit rocky. Whether you want to escape April showers or December blizzards, the climate of Phoenix and Arizona are a welcome reprieve when the weather starts turning gloomy for the rest of the country. Depending on where you’re coming from, a road trip to Arizona is definitely plausible. Once you enter the state, roads are likely to be free of ice and snow, which makes driving a fuel-efficient car very easy.

Phoenix is a lively city with things to do for all types of people. Many high-profile bands got their start in Phoenix’s music scene. The music scene now is still its own unique blend of different styles to this day.

Due to the great year-round weather in Arizona, sports like golf can be played anytime, and huge events and festivals go on all the time as well. Especially in spring and winter, Phoenix is one of the most popular places to go for holidays in the U.S.

Book in Advance

The high rental season for vacation rentals in Phoenix is springtime. So if you are considering renting a VRBO home for your holiday, you might want to start looking now. More and more homes are filling up with reservations by the day. Delay any longer and you might not get the space you want for your trip.

Right now, is the perfect time to start thinking about rentals for the May to September season and beyond. You can expect to pay a little less than the high rates of spring and winter but be prepared to face the heat. Summer temperatures in phoenix regularly rise over 100 degrees.

Homes, Town homes, Condos, and More

Choosing a vacation rental over a traditional hotel, means you have a larger variety of lodging options. You can rent a condo in the heart of downtown overlooking the city, you could find a roomier town home or house on the outskirts of Phoenix to stay in, or a number of other options for styles.

In a hotel you have the same room as everyone else, are forced to eat out for most meals and share a pool with a couple hundred people. In a VRBO home in Phoenix, you can be a little more comfortable with a full kitchen, your own pool, and multiple bedrooms. You even have the opportunity to explore beautiful neighborhoods in Phoenix.

Big Events to Look For

Right now, is the best time to start looking for summer and fall rentals, so the list here of must-go events will be limited to those seasons. Nevertheless, there is plenty to do and plenty to see.

Phoenix’s own balloon fiesta is happening on May 26th. The world-famous balloon festival is in Albuquerque, but Phoenix’s celebration is nothing to miss. The Phoenix Comic Fest is taking place from May 24 to May 27, featuring top comic book and pop culture actors, artists, and exhibits.

Of course, there is year-round golf and other sports to partake in, but if you want to be more of a spectator be sure to check out the Diamondback stadium.  There are also numerous rodeos and concerts happening continuously throughout the year.

How to Book Phoenix VRBO Homes

As mentioned, the number one issue with vacation rental homes is to not book far enough in advance and losing the perfect temporary home for your stay.

There are a few companies to choose from, but the three most popular are HomeAway, Airbnb, and the aptly named VRBO. Airbnb is very user friendly. It has gained a lot of fame in the past couple years. This is due to its popularity with young travelers and traveling business people looking to make some extra money. HomeAway and VRBO work in much the same way but with some minor differences to the rental process.

Be sure to look around and compare all three when planning a trip to another state or city. It might just get you your dream vacation rental on the cheap.

Summer Sneak Peek: Luxury Off-Market Property in Paradise Valley

Coming soon in early Summer 2018! Nestled between Mummy & Camelback Mountains, here’s a sneak peek at this exclusive, off-market property in Paradise Valley.

Like to learn more or see the property before it is listed on MLS? Contact us for more details.



Top 6 Arcadia Restaurants

Fine dining, an endless variety of entertainment and luxury shopping are all found in one of the most accessible cities in America. These are just a few traits of Arcadia, a charming neighborhood in the Phoenix area.

Arcadia is typically defined as being between Indian School and Camelback Road with its landscaped homes and friendly faces. The neighborhood was built on former citrus groves, making it great for greenery, cacti and flowers of all kinds.

With all of these perks, there’s no need to make the commute all the way to North Scottsdale for enjoyable dining or shopping. Plus, traffic during the winter and spring months it’s packed with snowbirds and spring training fans. This can make traveling extremely frustrating.

It’s better to spend money in the neighborhood you’re living and avoid the traffic and worry of finding somewhere to park. Luckily, Arcadia restaurants are some of the top-rated restaurants in the city, from gourmet pizza to homemade macarons for desert.

To help you narrow down where to eat locally, here’s a list of the top six restaurants in Arcadia that are sure to become your favorites.

Postino Arcadia

If you’re in Phoenix and haven’t tried Postino you’re truly missing out. Each of its seven locations are set in eclectic, interesting buildings. They set the ambiance for a unique and delightful dining experience.

The Postino Arcadia location is the original restaurant that was opened in an old post office. It leads the way for the aptly-named restaurant meaning “Postman” in Italian. Enough about the history though, let’s talk food.

Postino is famous for their bruschetta and wine choices. The wines range from more affordable – $5 a glass during happy hour – to extravagant, high priced bottles.

The restaurant has great weeknight specials as well. Order an entire bruschetta board and bottle of wine for just $20 on Monday and Tuesday nights. The trendy restaurant also offers $5 pitchers of beer on Wednesdays before 5 p.m.  For an unforgettable weekend, try brunch with bottomless mimosas.

Ride your bike over and enjoy the Phoenix weather while you can. If it’s already too hot out for you then no worries, Postino’s has indoor and outdoor seating.

Essence Bakery Cafe

Another popular eatery that sweets lovers rejoice for is Essence Bakery Cafe, a delicious Arcadia restaurant. This breakfast and lunch place is known for its European fare. It pairs local ingredients with delicious recipes to provide savory meals and pastries.

Stop in for breakfast and try the signature brioche french toast and add on a side of bacon or sausage.

You can’t leave without a few croissants and macarons to-go. The macarons are made daily and they offer a variety of flavors. Some of the most popular include raspberry rose, pumpkin spice, key lime, french chocolate. This restaurant transports guests to France in your own backyard!

O.H.S.O. Eatery & Nano-Brewery

O.H.S.O. will have you saying OMG with its endless options and fun atmosphere. Located next to the picturesque Arizona Canal, many enjoy a walk along the canal before chowing down. It’s also a popular hotspot to enjoy drinks with friends.

The restaurant is known for the selection of beers on tap, happy hour specials. During the weekends, beer brunch stays packed until it ends at 2 p.m.

Get started with happy hour until 6 p.m. an enjoy $7 cocktails and beer pitcher specials. Then, order the famous carne asada tacos or a gourmet burger.

Finish off your meal with a homemade caramel apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream. O.H.S.O. surely won’t disappoint. Plus, it’s just a short drive from homes and hotels in the Arcadia neighborhood, which makes your commute short and sweet.

La Grande Orange Grocery & Pizzeria

If you’re looking for amazing pizza without having to leave Arcadia, then this is the perfect spot for you. La Grande Orange is a popular Arcadia restaurant and pizzeria, but that’s not all. It also has authentic Italian groceries to prevent the need to drive to a grocery store.

Arrive early and enjoy the scenery while smelling the delicious pizza pies baking. You can never go wrong with the classic margarita pizza and a shredded kale salad. Also, grab some homemade gelato and some groceries on the way out!

The Vig Arcadia

If lawn games and happy hour specials don’t have you running in, we don’t know what will. The Vig Arcadia is a local favorite with even more brunch, lunch and dinner specials.

Start your day off with their eggs benedict and $3 mimosas on Saturday and Sunday mornings when you might need an extra kick.

Or, come in for their famous Vig Burger and a few games of cornhole.

Buck &Rider

We’re finishing off the list with a restaurant perfect for date night with your significant other and a great place for a celebration.

Buck &Rider is known for their crafted cocktails, raw bar and hand-rolled sushi. With happy hour until 7 p.m. everyday of the week and a reserve happy hour after 9:30 p.m., there really is no reason not to stop in this Arcadia destination.

Split the lobster surf and turf with your date or get your own 14 oz. ribeye steak.

Ultimately, we hope this list helped you realize that great restaurants are only minutes away from your Arcadia home. There’s no need to sit in traffic to enjoy a night out when these Arcadia restaurants are serving something special just blocks away

Why the Arcadia Neighborhood of Phoenix Is Perfect for You

arcadia neighborhood phoenix

By Abigail Golder, Contributing Writer

While Phoenix is the middle of America’s Southwest, its desert location doesn’t mean it lacks for greenery or life. And the charm of desert living really shines through when in the Arcadia neighborhood. The community earns its spot as a top place to live in Phoenix for many reasons.

The Arcadia Neighborhood: Active & Accessible

One of the area’s many highlights? Its accessibility. Arcadia is designed to be very bike-friendly, so residents don’t need a car to maintain their day-to-day lives. The location is ideal for both work and home. In fact, many boast lower than average commutes to maximize their leisure time. You’ll also find many locals using that extra downtime to hike. Arcadia is conveniently located near Camelback Mountain Recreation Area, one of the most iconic hikes in the country. The culture of the neighborhood owes much to its very active residents and their exciting lifestyles.

The list of reasons to live in Phoenix doesn’t just include the friendly neighborhoods. There are plenty of things to do to entertain you and your family in the city, and everywhere in the heart of Arizona. If you’re considering a Phoenix move, plan a vacation to check out the Valley of the Sun. It’s home to some of the nation’s top resorts, giving you the ultimate opportunity to vacation and survey. Here are some of the best places near the Arcadia neighborhood to check out.

The Arcadia Neighborhood: Nearby Parks, Zoos & Museums

Topping the list of both educational and entertaining destinations in Phoenix is the Desert Botanical Garden. Covering more than 50 acres, the name “garden” may be a bit misleading. The Desert Botanical Garden features all cacti, trees and shrubbery that make their home in the American Southwest. It also includes plants from all over the world. There are several themed exhibits, including trails with histories of the area dating back before the arrival of Europeans in America. You and your family can easily keep coming back year-round for the many Desert Botanical Garden events, like the outdoor concert series.

The Phoenix Zoo is another option for family fun. The zoo is home to several trails and animal exhibits, with notably exotic exhibits like the Komodo Dragons and Sumatran Tigers. They also offer several hands-on activities, including a petting zoo and feeding time with the zoo’s giraffes.

It’s admittedly pretty hot in Phoenix during the summer months. If you’re seeking shade, be sure to check out the Heard Museum. Named of one of the country’s best Native American History museums, it has several exhibits detailing the history of the indigenous people of Arizona well before and through the pre-Columbian era. The museum is home to numerous artifacts and also artwork by Native Americans, both contemporary and historical.

The Arcadia Neighborhood: Nearby Sports & Entertainment


Chase Field is another Phoenix perk. Home to the Arizona Diamondbacks, it’s one of the best stadiums to watch America’s greatest pastimes. Even cooler? The field is under a dome. On clear evenings, teams will play underneath the desert night sky. The roof lets the Diamondbacks play rain or shine, so there’s no need to worry about your tickets getting rained out. And even when there aren’t any baseball games, Chase Field is popular place: It’s one of the city’s largest concert venues.

Golf Destination

Phoenix is also one of the nation’s best golf destinations. Despite being in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, Phoenix is home to nearly 200 golf courses, one of which is the Arizona Biltmore Resort. The Biltmore is especially popular because it has two full 18-hole courses and a high-end restaurant. Conveniently close to the Arcadia neighborhood, the Biltmore area offers golf, shopping and dining to nearby residents. The Phoenician Golf Club and Papago Golf Course, which gets its name from nearby Papago Park, are other local renowned golf courses.

Between the local amenities and the pleasantness of the neighborhood, it’s no wonder why Arcadia is one of the hottest real estate markets in Phoenix. It’s truly the perfect place for families or singles to live — and possibly the most inviting thing in any desert, short of an oasis.

Contact the Mackey Martin Group to see all of the beautiful homes in the Arcadia neighborhood and everything this charming community has to offer.

The Annual Appreciation Market Overview for 2017: No Phoenix Real Estate Bubble

Phoenix Real Estate_ Annual Appreciation Market Overview for 2017

When I grew up, we spoke of bubbles… These wispy balls of soap and water that caught our imagination. Now when we generally speak of a bubble, we are referring to a real estate market that is truly unstable. We heard quite a bit about these bubbles during the 2004-2006 market. It kind of left us fatigued and not wanting to get too close to the heat in the kitchen.

Is the Phoenix Real Estate Market Currently in a Bubble?

Someone called me the other day and said a “flipper” told him that the market was in a bubble. If you look at the charts below, you can see how the market has leveled out and there is not much room for the cash investor to… scarf up inventory at ridiculously low prices, flip the property, and then take advantage of market value. When a market adjusts, as you see below, there simply is less opportunity to quote “flip” a property.  If my client’s source had reviewed the charts, they would truly see that the market is leveled out.

Annual Appreciation Market Overview for 2017- No Phoenix Real Estate Bubble

Annual Appreciation Market Overview

Annual Appreciation Market Overview for 2017

Annual Appreciation Market Overview

Homeownership: The Investor Versus the Homeowner

History shows that a market goes up and down and that homeownership is not based on this premise. Homeownership is purchasing a home and yearning to pay it off in 30 years or less. Back when I was young and we were having our children, there was a one-time exemption at the age of 59. But now capital gains exemption is based on a two-year period, and thus it created movement from the average Joe as there was money to be made. 

The same two-year exemption still exists today (for the moment), and yet the active movement that we saw in years past has been quite evaporative due to the fear that 2008-2011 created. For the investor, I get the dilemma. For the homeowner, however, they would just ride out the market and wait for its return to stability.

Highlights from the Annual Appreciation Market Overview for 2017

Below is some interesting – and certainly visual – data that I collected from The Cromford Report‘s Annual Appreciation Market Overview. Read through and really find comfort that, indeed, we are not in a bubble.

October 13 – Changes in the annual appreciation rate (measured using the annual average $/SF) give us a good indication of whether the market has been heating up or cooling down. This is using closed sales prices, so it is a trailing indicator rather than a leading indicator. By using the annual average, we get a non-volatile reading. The trends tend to stay in place for quite some time. By looking at the weekly chart for annual appreciation, we can detect when those trends change direction.

Here is what we have seen so far:

  1. Appreciation was below 2% and weakening in early 2002, but the trend turned around in the second quarter and reached 4% by the end of the year.
  2. The appreciation continued to increase slowly during 2003 reaching 5.6% by the end of the year.
  3. Appreciation started to go crazy as the market heated up during 2004 – thanks to the widespread availability of easy credit. It exceeded 12% in December 2004.
  4. The bubble was in full expansion mode during 2005, with appreciation exceeding 36% at the end of 2005.
  5. Appreciation peaked at 37.2% in March 2006 and then collapsed down to 11% by the end of the year, as the bubble burst.
  6. The bubble continued to deflate reaching -5% in December 2007.
  7. The foreclosure wave took depreciation to new depths reaching -28% in December 2008.
  8. The appreciation rate hit a historic low in the summer of 2009 at -36.5% but then started rising again.
  9. During 2010, the appreciation rate climbed by to slightly positive at 0.6% but this trend ran out of steam during the fourth quarter of 2010.
  10. 2011 saw appreciation slide back down to -9% by 3Q but signs of new life emerged at the end of the year.
  11. In 2012 appreciation charged from -9% all the way up to 20%.
  12. Appreciation peaked at 25% during the spring of 2013 and started to drift slowly down again.
  13. 2014 saw appreciation drop from over 20% to less than 9%.
  14. In 2015 the downward trend stopped in September at 4.1% and started rising slowly again, reaching 4.4% by the end of the year.
  15. During 2016 the appreciation rate improved to 5.4% by the end of the year, though all of that improvement occurred during the first 3 months of the year.
  16. In 2017 appreciation hit a maximum of 6.5% in September and has drifted slightly lower since then, currently at 6.3%.

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Mackey Martin, PLC
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Arizona Falls: A Historic Project in Arcadia

Arizona Falls


By Mackey Martin

The History of Arizona Falls

Arizona Falls is a historic project located in Arcadia, skirting its southern border. In the late 1800s, Phoenicians enjoyed the wonders of Arizona Falls. They would gather to picnic, socialize and dance near the cool water. There was no air conditioning, so one had to get a little creative.

Arizona Falls was also the site of the first hydroelectric plant in Phoenix. It was originally built in 1902. Rebuilt by SRP in 1911. Delivered power once again in 1913. And it was eventually shut down in 1950.

That all changed in June of 2003. I remember it well. SRP, the Phoenix Arts Commission and Arcadia neighborhood joined hands to transform a historic waterfall into something special and restored the inactive hydroelectric plant. Today, it has become a timeless gathering place for Arcadians and visitors alike.

About Today’s Arizona Falls

Arizona Falls combines art, history and technology to generate clean electricity from the canal’s waterfall. This hydroelectric plant provides enough electricity for approximately 150 homes a year. Go figure, Arizona has always been ahead of the curve where water is concerned. In fact, legislation to build the CAP canal passed through the U.S. Congress as part of the Colorado River Basin Project Act of 1968.

That created Arizona’s destiny.

When it comes to water, people are always amazed that Arizona is, indeed, one of the most well-managed areas in the world. No droughts for us, as we conserved and planned. I lived in Texas most my life and water rationing was common. I have been in Phoenix for 26 years now and have never  experienced it here. While there are still many Phoenicians, Arizona is a true melting pot of those from all over the United States and world. And water is key to supporting the area’s growing population.

Arizona Falls Features

Arizona Falls, formed by a natural 20-foot drop along the Arizona Canal, is as unique as the surrounding terrain. Trust me, it’s no Niagara Falls. But to people who live and dwell in the desert, it is quite mesmerizing to witness the water rolling over this significant drop of the hydroelectric plant.

  • Art

The site also showcases the Phoenix Art Commission’s “WaterWorks at Arizona Falls” project, designed by renowned artists Lajos Heder and Mags Harries of Boston, Massachusetts.


  • Historic Destination

The main entrance is on the south side; a footbridge connects the north bank to the viewing platform. Everyone gathers around the water seen on three walls in the “water room.” Seating is available on large boulders, where everyone can enjoy the cool and soothing sounds of flowing water.

Through sheets of flowing water, antique gears from the original plant can be seen. Two aqueducts frame the room to create the feeling of being inside the historic waterfall. A shade structure covers stone block seats near a pool of water. Everything has been thought of to make a wonderful environment for visitors. No matter what time of year, Arizona Falls is always a cool and refreshing experience.

The Future of Arizona Falls: Generating Capacity

Arizona Falls generates up to 750 kilowatts of clean, renewable electricity. The roof of the new turbine building and the adjacent shade structure will house solar panels to power ceiling fans on the public deck. The electricity generated by the plant and solar panels is then fed into SRP’s grid.

Arizona Falls: Something for Everyone

Come visit the Arizona Falls and bring the kids, cousins, aunts and friends. Enjoy this wonderful walk back in history and witness how this project married the future.