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Why the Arcadia Neighborhood of Phoenix Is Perfect for You

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By Abigail Golder, Contributing Writer

While Phoenix is the middle of America’s Southwest, its desert location doesn’t mean it lacks for greenery or life. And the charm of desert living really shines through when in the Arcadia neighborhood. The community earns its spot as a top place to live in Phoenix for many reasons.

The Arcadia Neighborhood: Active & Accessible

One of the area’s many highlights? Its accessibility. Arcadia is designed to be very bike-friendly, so residents don’t need a car to maintain their day-to-day lives. The location is ideal for both work and home. In fact, many boast lower than average commutes to maximize their leisure time. You’ll also find many locals using that extra downtime to hike. Arcadia is conveniently located near Camelback Mountain Recreation Area, one of the most iconic hikes in the country. The culture of the neighborhood owes much to its very active residents and their exciting lifestyles.

The list of reasons to live in Phoenix doesn’t just include the friendly neighborhoods. There are plenty of things to do to entertain you and your family in the city, and everywhere in the heart of Arizona. If you’re considering a Phoenix move, plan a vacation to check out the Valley of the Sun. It’s home to some of the nation’s top resorts, giving you the ultimate opportunity to vacation and survey. Here are some of the best places near the Arcadia neighborhood to check out.

The Arcadia Neighborhood: Nearby Parks, Zoos & Museums

Topping the list of both educational and entertaining destinations in Phoenix is the Desert Botanical Garden. Covering more than 50 acres, the name “garden” may be a bit misleading. The Desert Botanical Garden features all cacti, trees and shrubbery that make their home in the American Southwest. It also includes plants from all over the world. There are several themed exhibits, including trails with histories of the area dating back before the arrival of Europeans in America. You and your family can easily keep coming back year-round for the many Desert Botanical Garden events, like the outdoor concert series.

The Phoenix Zoo is another option for family fun. The zoo is home to several trails and animal exhibits, with notably exotic exhibits like the Komodo Dragons and Sumatran Tigers. They also offer several hands-on activities, including a petting zoo and feeding time with the zoo’s giraffes.

It’s admittedly pretty hot in Phoenix during the summer months. If you’re seeking shade, be sure to check out the Heard Museum. Named of one of the country’s best Native American History museums, it has several exhibits detailing the history of the indigenous people of Arizona well before and through the pre-Columbian era. The museum is home to numerous artifacts and also artwork by Native Americans, both contemporary and historical.

The Arcadia Neighborhood: Nearby Sports & Entertainment


Chase Field is another Phoenix perk. Home to the Arizona Diamondbacks, it’s one of the best stadiums to watch America’s greatest pastimes. Even cooler? The field is under a dome. On clear evenings, teams will play underneath the desert night sky. The roof lets the Diamondbacks play rain or shine, so there’s no need to worry about your tickets getting rained out. And even when there aren’t any baseball games, Chase Field is popular place: It’s one of the city’s largest concert venues.

Golf Destination

Phoenix is also one of the nation’s best golf destinations. Despite being in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, Phoenix is home to nearly 200 golf courses, one of which is the Arizona Biltmore Resort. The Biltmore is especially popular because it has two full 18-hole courses and a high-end restaurant. Conveniently close to the Arcadia neighborhood, the Biltmore area offers golf, shopping and dining to nearby residents. The Phoenician Golf Club and Papago Golf Course, which gets its name from nearby Papago Park, are other local renowned golf courses.

Between the local amenities and the pleasantness of the neighborhood, it’s no wonder why Arcadia is one of the hottest real estate markets in Phoenix. It’s truly the perfect place for families or singles to live — and possibly the most inviting thing in any desert, short of an oasis.

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