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Mackey Martin

Rookie of the Year 1995
The Best of the Biggest
President’s Club 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001
Chairman’s Circle 2002, 2003, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2010
Platinum Club 2005, 2006, 2007
Diamond Club 2011
Executive Club 2011
Ranked in the Top 500 Realtors in Maricopa County
Relocation Specialist
Multi-Million Dollar Producer
Why choose Mackey Martin Group?
Negotiation Skills
Cool Under Pressure
Servanthood Attitude
Support System Exhibited in Team Concept
Skill at Pricing either from the List of Buy Side
Listening Skills
Extreme Knowledge of the Phoenix Metroplex
Live Answering Service for All Showings
Paging System
Custom Signage for the Mackey Martin Group
Strong Web Presence
Hands on Approach with Each Client

PHOENIX – December 4, 2013 – While it’s a documented fact that Mackey Martin is one of the top real estate agents for Realty Executive Phoenix, she possesses a decidedly different insight, when it comes to her profession. While considering retirement, at some point in the following decade, she has also placed her attention beyond her multi-million dollar business and the 18 years of countless hours spent building her clientele. Rather than focusing her attention exclusively in that area, she has committed herself, over the past 10 years, to mentoring her business partner and instructing him when it comes to the entirety of her Realty experience and knowledge. This includes introductions to key clients and preparing him for an ultimately seamless and effective transition into his new role as the subsequent business owner. While there are those who may be concerned over Martin’s obvious and total confidence when it comes to handing over her substantial legacy, there is a major point to consider. This is no “ordinary” agent – he happens to be Mackey’s son.

When it comes to the skill and drive that’s needed to serve today’s elite professionals, Trey originally honed these qualities as a successful golfer and professional baseball player. Mackey has continually made it a point to compare Trey’s previous successes to the type of work ethic, focus and drive that is needed in order to be successful at real estate. She has often compared her more maternal and emotional viewpoint with Trey’s single-minded focus. As such, she has noted that they “balance each other out”, while sharing a moral compass, coupled with a desire to “stay on course”, when it comes to doing what’s best for their clients.

This partnership/team mentality has definitely been productive. Along with a philosophy of placing the client first, they have built an extraordinarily successful business among the general executive and professional population. This has been accomplished primarily with referrals and subsequent repeat business from those who have come to appreciate the integrity that their team represents.

Expanding the Business Through Professional Relationships

In addition to his perspectives and work ethic, Trey Martin has also made an extremely valuable contribution by way of his “Professional Athlete Division”. This effort was inaugurated through the use of his athletic past that has proved effective when building a rapport with members of the local sporting community. Because of this and his other efforts, year after year, Trey has been listed as a top-ranked Arizona agent with a multi-million dollar production record.

Trey Martin has continuously expressed gratitude to his mom for taking the time and making the effort to instruct him with the knowledge that she has accumulated over the years. This includes allowing him to explore new opportunities that are designed to be beneficial to the entire business. He also acknowledges just how irreplaceable she is, along with her extensive realty market knowledge and her formidable business presence. He assures everyone that his goal is to work as hard and effectively as he can, in order to “uphold her reputation”.