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10 Ways To Cool Off This Summer In Phoenix

10 Ways To Cool Off This Summer In Phoenix

Summer is fast approaching, and for Phoenix, that means blistering heat where temperatures can (and will) climb to over 100 degrees. In these circumstances, what are your plans to keep cool? After all, you can’t spend all summer baking trays of cookies and frying eggs on the cement.

You could make a trip to the local pool or if you’re feeling adventurous, take a day or two out of your schedule to venture to the beach, but let’s be honest, that’s where everybody’s going to be. There are also some days when it’s simply too hot for outdoor activities like barbecues and trips to the park. This is for those days. Here are 10 ways to cool off this summer in Phoenix.

Grab some ice cream

This is probably one of the first things you’d think of on a hot day; however, you don’t just grab a cone from any convenience store. Udder Delights is an ice cream shop that dishes out the freshest and possibly the funkiest soft serve you will ever encounter. This establishment has gained recognition for its simply delicious and unique flavors. Not interested in a chocolate cone? How about avocado or flan-flavored ice cream? Udder Delights also offers their own cheese and hand churned butter across an impressive array of flavors.

Another ice cream shop worth checking out is Churn, which serves up stellar frozen treats for all to enjoy. Whether you’re craving a cone, ice cream sandwich or sundae, you’ll leave Churn with a thoroughly satisfied sweet tooth and ready to take on the summer heat.

Rock Climbing Gyms

Because it’ll be too hot to actually go climbing outside, seek refuge indoors at one of Phoenix’s many rock climbing gyms. These facilities will give you the adrenaline-pumping thrill of climbing to great heights while within the comforts of an air-conditioned environment.

Live Music

Music is always a great solution to almost any problem, and the summer heat is no exception. Phoenix is home to plenty of great live music venues for you to visit and enjoy. You can find a plethora of genres, so there’ll definitely be one that will suit your tastes. Some examples include:

The Nash: Phoenix’s downtown sanctuary for jazz music. The venue is named for famous drummer, Lewis Nash, and offers a wide range of jazz. Whether you’re interested in the classics, swing, or even newer jazz, you’ll definitely leave the venue with a newfound appreciation for the genre.

Crescent Ballroom and Valley Bar: Open every day with free live music, Crescent Ballroom has gained popularity among the music-loving night-dwellers. Here, you can listen to music from up-and-coming artists while enjoying their gourmet food. In the building’s basement, you can gain access to the Valley Bar, where you can enjoy the sounds of Latin, Blues, Indie rock, and pop.


You already knew that a water park was going to be a number on this list. It’s summer, and you can’t have a proper summer without gearing up in your cute swimsuit and taking a family trip to a waterpark.

On days when the sun is beating down on you, there’s nothing more refreshing than a dip in the water…followed by a swift trip down one of the many waterslides in the park. A visit to Wet’n’Wild is the perfect remedy to the summer heat and cabin fever. Make sure you slather on plenty of sunscreen while you’re in the water.

Coffee houses

If an air-conditioned cafe isn’t enough to lure you in, then the scent of freshly brewed coffee certainly will. Coffee houses are an excellent way to avoid the heat, and in Phoenix, you’ll have quite a few to pick from as the city has witnessed a surge of coffee houses and specialty drink shops popping up. Cartel Coffee Lab is one particular place you’ll want to visit, as they have the best espresso in the city.

Salt River

If the pool isn’t quite your scene, try venturing down to the Salt River. Plenty of residents and visitors alike spend time at the river cracking open a cold one while tubing in the water. It’s a fantastic alternative to the beach.

Just be sure to check the weather ahead of time. Even though you’re floating down a river, it can still be too hot at certain times of the day and year. Always remember to bring TONS of water and sunscreen and keep our rivers clean!

Butterfly Wonderland

In nearby Scottsdale, you can make a trip to the largest butterfly conservatory in the United States. Take a stroll among the 3,000 species of butterflies, or check out any one of the other amazing exhibits that this wonderland houses. Familiarize yourself with the reptiles that live with the butterflies in the rainforest at the Rainforest Reptile Exhibit, or check out the massive freshwater aquarium, where schools of exotic fish live. The options are endless at Butterfly Wonderland, and it’s a perfect place for the family.

Cruise On Saguaro Lake

Take the Desert Belle cruise line for a trip around the Saguaro Lake. In the comforts of an air conditioned cabin, you’ll get to take in the breathtaking beauty of Phoenix’s natural backdrop.


Phoenix hosts an impressive array of museums, which serves as an invaluable source of culture and education for the city.

The Phoenix Art Museum hosts both classic and contemporary pieces from all over the world to admire. At the Arizona Science Museum, visitors can interact with any of the more than 300 hands-on exhibits, live demonstrations or the state-of-the-art planetarium. Music-enthusiasts can explore the sounds of different instruments from all over the world and take a peek at special memorabilia collected from musicians at the Musical Instrument Museum. And these are just three of the many options that you have in downtown Phoenix.

Take a day trip to Flagstaff

Two hours away from Phoenix’s heat is Flagstaff, one of the best places to escape the summer for a bit. There, the temperature normally stays at mid-upper 70’s ad hardly ever surpass mid 80’s. Hiking aficionados frequent Flagstaff, as the variety of high-altitude trails provide picturesque backdrops that greatly differ from Arizona. The Aspen Nature Loop, Kachina Trail, and Inner Basin are the most scenic routes to take in Flagstaff.


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