The consumer in general around the country view Arizona as a desert with no water. I think there is a heightened awareness regarding water right now in the United States as California itself tackles the question “What do we do now (scream, scream), we’re running out of water? ” So here I am writing about water, have referenced lush California with its shortages, how on earth would this desert city of Phoenix not be at risk? I recently heard Sarah Porter with ASU Kyl Center for Water Policy at Morrison Institute declare that Arizona was indeed the best water managed place not just as a state but in the world. I can remember living in Texas and experiencing the droughts and then to follow would be the water rationing, but I have lived in Arizona for 24-years, and NEVER have I had to live under the guidelines of rationing. Now where do you think you want to live California or Arizona? If you choose California I’ll remember you fondly when I donate to the American Red Cross to help with the water crisis.

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